Join us on our group socials! We frequently plan events for you to meet like minded women in your area to build friendships with.

Group socials

build friendships

Interested in getting into climbing, or you are a climber looking for other lady crushers? Join us on our regular climbing sessions at your local gym or crag!

We pride ourselves on being a friendship building environment! With so many like minded, positive women, it's a great place to make new friends!

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we are a community of passionate, adventurous women from the pnw. we want to share your stories. empower and inspire others!

Life should be about making your passion your priority! And we want to inspire women to start taking those steps and to start reaching their goals

follow along with us as we explore the northwest, one woman at a time!

Group Hikes

Meet up with women who enjoy hiking. Go at your own pace, chat up new people, share snacks, and enjoy nature together!

Climbing sessions